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Nasi specjaliści dyżurują w ambulatorium urazowym przez całą dobę, 7 dni w tygodniu.
Konsultacje specjalistyczne i zajęcia rehabilitacyjne odbywają się od poniedziałku do piątku.
To make an appointment please call us anytime at +48 22 35 58 200 or use the form below.

Wybierz preferowanego lekarza. Oddzwonimy lub odpiszemy z propozycją terminu wizyty.

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International patients

Prior to contacting Carolina Medical Center please try to gather all the information regarding your medical conditions as well as all medical documents such as:

  • diagnosis,
  • hospital discharges,
  • descriptions of radiological tests,
  • digital X-rays, MRI, CT scans.

We will ask you to send us this information together with filled-in Initial Interview either via e-mail to international@carolina.pl or by fax to +48 22 355 83 10 or by post to our address together with key information on your condition and your expectations, in particular:

  • your personal data as well as your companion,
  • preferred date for your visit,
  • all important details that we need to know in order to make your stay in our hospital, in our city and country as enjoyable as possible.

Your documents will be forwarded to the doctor for the preliminary evaluation. Within 2 working days you will receive a response from our Patient Coordinator with important information concerning your treatment:

  • initial cost estimation,
  • length of stay in the hospital,
  • the time that will be needed for the proposed treatment with the necessary rehabilitation,
  • proposal date of your visit,
  • name and details of the doctor who would be taking care of you,
  • plan and purpose of the treatment

We will do our best to answer all your questions and dispel doubts so that you gained confidence that your stay would be comfortable and the process of healing and recovery would run as efficiently as possible.

Once you decide to undergo treatment in our hospital, we will help you to prepare your visit by:

  • assisting you in obtaining a visa to enter Poland, if required,
  • proposing a hotel or other accommodation,
  • informing the hotel about all the relevant details of your stay,
  • contacting your insurance company to arrange direct billing so you would not have to be involved in financial settlements