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Nasi specjaliści dyżurują w ambulatorium urazowym przez całą dobę, 7 dni w tygodniu.
Konsultacje specjalistyczne i zajęcia rehabilitacyjne odbywają się od poniedziałku do piątku.
To make an appointment please call us anytime at +48 22 35 58 200 or use the form below.

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International patients

Carolina Medical Center cooperates with several international insurance companies on direct billing bases. This means patients holding insurance in these companies are admitted cashless, and invoices are sent directly to the insurer and covered by him to the extent specified in the insurance contract signed with a patient.


Arranging consultation:

In order to arrange a a medical appointment please call +48 22 355 82 00. Please inform the telephonist of any insurance cover. In case of emergency, you should visit our ER open 24/7 and show our receptionist your proof of insurance before registering.


Before going to the doctor's office you must register at the reception. You will be asked to fill in personal questionnaire, giving your data and contact information, with particular emphasis on e-mail which will significantly facilitate contact with you. You will also receive documents to be signed: Medical Release Form and Declaration . Signing these documents is a necessary condition to initiate the non-cash settlements. If you fail to sign them, you will be required to cover the costs of treatment yourself. 

After meeting the formal requirements you will be invited to the doctor's office, and invoices will be sent by us directly to the insurance company.

 Diagnostic tests:

During the consultation the doctor may decide that you should undergo diagnostic tests. He will then issue an appropriate referral and ask you to go to the Center for Diagnostic Imaging on the ground floor. Patient Coordinator will propose testing at a convenient time, without charging you. Invoices will be sent by us directly to the insurance company.

Surgical treatment - planned:

Attention! Insurance companies cover the costs of surgical treatment based on the guarantee of payment issued for a particular procedure. 

During the consultation the doctor will discuss with you methods of treatment and possible risks associated with treatment. If you decide to undergo a surgery, the doctor will issue the appropriate referral. In order to arrange admission to hospital, to find out about the rules of stay and to determine the date of the admission, you will be asked to go to the Coordinator of Hospital Care who will also inform you what laboratory and further diagnostic tests are required before surgery and when you would have a consultation with an internist and anaesthesiologist. Based on a referral, Financial Analyst will prepare a cost estimate, which will be sent to the insurer requesting guarantee of payment. Upon receipt of the guarantee deadlines will be confirmed with you. Invoices will be sent by us directly to the insurance company.

Surgical treatment - CITO:

In case the surgery should be performed immediately (accident, sudden trauma), patient holding insurance will be admitted without paying, provided that he holds a proof of insurance and signs Payment Obligation. This document guarantees that you would cover the cost of treatment only if the insurance company refuses payment. The invoice for the surgery will be sent to the insurance company in the first place.

Final settlement:

In some cases, your individual agreement with your insurer determines co-payment (medical bills are only partially covered by the insurer) or deductible amount (you must incur the cost specified in the contract before activating your insurance), therefore you may be liable to cover part of the cost for medical services. The insurer informs the clinic upon payment of the invoice. In such case, the Specialist for Cooperation With Insurance Companies will send you a request for payment of the missing amount.

For more information please contact:

Danuta Milanowska
e-mail: danuta.milanowska@carolina.pl
tel. +48 22 355 84 48