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Nasi specjaliści dyżurują w ambulatorium urazowym przez całą dobę, 7 dni w tygodniu.
Konsultacje specjalistyczne i zajęcia rehabilitacyjne odbywają się od poniedziałku do piątku.
To make an appointment please call us anytime at +48 22 35 58 200 or use the form below.

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International patients

During your stay at Carolina Medical Center, we will provide you with the highest standard of medical services whilst respecting your dignity, we will show you full understanding and empathy. This will be assured not only by our team of doctors, but also by other healthcare professionals and administration staff.
Throughout your stay the following will be arranged:

  • assistance of coordinator who will schedule all your medical consultations, medical treatment, tests, rehabilitation sessions,
  • access to newspapers or literature in your language,
  • access to Internet and foreign TV programmes,
  • current information on the nature and cost of your treatment.

After finishing your treatment in Carolina Medical Center you will receive:

  • medical documentation gathered during treatment,
  • instructions and recommendations of the doctor and physiotherapist on how to proceed after returning home,
  • list of necessary medications and doctor's instructions on how to take your medicines,
  • contact details of your doctor.
  • complete documentation and information on the costs and bills for medical services received, as well as other services related to your stay in Warsaw