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Nasi specjaliści dyżurują w ambulatorium urazowym przez całą dobę, 7 dni w tygodniu.
Konsultacje specjalistyczne i zajęcia rehabilitacyjne odbywają się od poniedziałku do piątku.
To make an appointment please call us anytime at +48 22 35 58 200 or use the form below.

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Welcome to CMC

Carolina Medical Center, part of the LUX MED Group - the leading healthcare provider in Poland - is one of the standout commercial orthopaedic clinics in Europe. We offer the gold standard of medical care owing to the cutting edge technology, comfortable treatment facility, but most of all, due to the hard work of dedicated and highly qualified personnel.

We are the leader in orthopaedics and sports medicine

Constant cooperation between specialists from various fields: orthopaedics, rheumatology, neurosurgery, diagnostic imaging, and physiotherapy is the very core of the work at Carolina Medical Center. Regular consultations between members of our staff are meant to establish the best possible course of treatment which, in turn, ensures the quick recovery of our patients. The holistic approach to the treatment distinguishes Carolina Medical Center from most other clinics, hospitals, and medical centres.

Our medical personnel is constantly improving its competences, follows the newest world medicine’s achievements, actively engages in congresses and symposia, and participates in various internships around the world. The number of speeches, lectures, and publications delivered attests to qualifications of our team.

We are the first commercial clinic that received the accreditation of the Ministry of Health, i.e.: we are allowed to oversee the speciality training programme (residency) of doctors and fellowship programmes in orthopaedics and traumatology of the locomotor system. We organise trainings, courses and internships for doctors from around the world.

Being a part of the LUX MED Group - the Main Medical Partner of the Polish National Olympic Committee - Carolina Medical Center provides medical care for the best Polish sportsmen. We also provide specialised medical care for the members of the National Ballet and members of national teams competing in various sport disciplines. The Clinic, as one of just two medical facilities around the world, is certified by FIFA as the FIFA Medical Clinic of Excellence.

We help people in all ages, especially those leading an active life. By applying the newest medical procedures we allow our Patients to quickly recover from their injuries and return to their sports passions. Such treatment is essential not solely for the professional athletes, but for all those to whom physical activity is an important part of everyday life.